Incandescence: the Concept

I’ve always known my heart as an overflowing bottomless basin. It is an ever-churning mass of heat and water, and no matter how hard you try to glimpse a glint of its smooth gold bottom, there is nothing but more everything–only pumpsplashoverflow, pumpsplashoverflow. That steaming water, my seething clarity, cascades substance into consciousness, human sentience into pulsing awareness.

Yes–I am water. I am water, yes, but this embodiment of my heart’s motion does not convey the elemental totality of my i-n-c-a-n-d-e-s-c-e-n-c-e.

Incandescence. Incandescence. By essence, incandescence is light, heat, fire. Why, then, do I speak of water in harmony with fire? Does not one quench the other?

No; for that implies concepts only exist in contrast, and I believe perceptive opposites synchronize and elucidate one another.

Allow me to explain. Hold on; be patient. Transparency will come.

Wait for it…wait for it…ah! Do you hear?…


that sound? That vibration? That is my heart incandescing. It is water churning into white-hot heat; it is my movement of conceptualized vitality into shared tangible clarity.

This is what I want you to do with my verbal vibrations of water-into-fire: I want you to rip them from your page, from your screen. Chew them. Swallow them. Digest them. Let them warm you, slake through you…

And BOOM! Suddenly, you are vital, you are free, you are alive, so gloriously, substantially alive, and your whole being is infused with light. It zips through you, up, up, UP…and now it explodes from the tips of your fingers and your toes and your eyes and your soul, and you have to, you just have to share it, sing it, surge your joy and love and laughter and light into a hallelujah of holistic consciousness–

Haaalleeluuuuuuujaaaaah, haaalleeluuuuuujaaaaah!



And now you blink…once…twice…

And what can you do but smile? Because look–now your whole world is flooded with light, and you are scintillating, scintillating from the inside-out, and it’s all because you trusted that small, pulsing space of your deepest truth, and you possessed the courage to let that glow–your glow–spill out of the caverns of your self and wash over others, seeping into them like liquid gold. They are warm, shining, their hearts and limbs tingling with renewed awareness–and now they too can begin to burn.


I realize what I wrote might sound elementally abstract–but what can I say? I got carried away. I want you to get carried away, too, and to imbibe the same warmth and light and clarity I feel when I write the things I write in this blog, because–who knows? Maybe our shared subconscious luminosity can merge into a regenerative creativity and make our hearts spill over and into and through our whole world.


I still haven’t explained the word that ignited my blog in the first place: incandescence.

Incandescence, incandescence. Why this particular concept?

Here’s the definition that sparked my initial interest: “the phenomenon of light emission by a body as its temperature is raised.”

Hmmhmmmmm, hmmhmmmmmm…

I felt my heart sear white-hot with gut-truth recognition. For me, incandescence means writing about things that heat the small, round, pulsing-in-place deepest depth of my soul, and incandesce it into such total physiological awareness that I can’t help but share its vitality.

These things I write about can be anything, from the palpability of a poem to the dazzle of an unexpected smile. If it ignites me, heats me, and lights me, I want to share it with you, and make you glow as I glow.

Light ’em up!


1 thought on “Incandescence: the Concept”

  1. Stephen Joyce said:

    Great first post babe! Love you so much!

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